Thursday, November 18, 2010

To buy or not to buy?

I realized that the one thing I do constantly want to update is my SHOPPING for baking & cooking supplies! This I know I can do some heavy updates!

And thanks to my new iPhone 4 (thank you JON) and canon sd4000 is (thank you TONY) - i can definitely keep to this tasks along with my baking adventures!

The following items were all purchased today, 11.18.2010, and given me this great idea for hauls and eventually reviews, since I am such a William Sonoma (WS) hoarder!!! (& occasionally Sur La Table(SLT) too) I probably shop for supplies more frequently than I bake ( ha ha ha)

Sur La Table

Slider Basket - ON SALE $ 8.99, original $25.00
Too bad grilling season is over, but hey at least we have one now =)

Top Left (Clock wise): micros cookie cutter $10.00, ateco round cutter $25.00, wilton pearl duster $5.00, cuisipro cupcake corer $4.95

William Sonoma

Halloween cupcake decor ON SALE $4.99, originally $12.00

fiona's strawberry puffs $12.00 - SUPER FLUFFY AND NOT SWEET!!! 
Fiona's SweetShoppe is based in San Francisco! 

art of the cookie $19.95

cake pop $19.95

cake works @ campbell, ca

wilton's pearlized sprinkles $ 5.38

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I know i haven't updated yet I have managed to get so many orders for cupcakes in the month of November!

Like the titles, there will be three updates!

First off Blue Macarons, I forgot why I decided on blue macarons, but I did them! Note to self: over color it because when it bake it does fade =( I made hearts too as a new technique with my last bits of batter. The hearts is a great idea for valentines, maybe next is macarons pops!


I tried a new technique for flowers! I know i am not the original owner of this idea, but thank you Hannah for for the cutest idea EVER. I need to find other things to do, once I am used to fondant (still very new to this). I also really had fun making a cupcake stand, customize for the clients. I have this new machine called the CRICUT that allows me to cut shapes and letters =) scrapbook + baking =  A WHOLE NEW WORLD! 

Anyhow I know there is a dire need for recipes to my site (wish i am reallly promising a lot more - once I start learning to cook ...). But for now, Lamb Crusted made by Jon =) recipe to come soon!