Sunday, November 29, 2009

Chicken Karaage

I love fried chicken, dearly, what's better than japanese fried chicken? NOTHING! very simple, just needs to be marinated for 15 minutes or so, and then fried ... which is sorta difficult due to the flour. This recipe is really unprecise, its just eyeballing what seems to be good ... so everything is approx!

Chicken Karaage
20 minutes prep [includes marinating]
5 minutes or so to fry ... to your own discretion

1 package Boneless Chicken thighs
2 scallions/green onions
Kikoman Soy Sauce
Kikoman Aji-Mirin (Sweet Rice cooking wine)
Japanese Cornstarch (and i wish i could read the brand for you, but there is a picture of the one i use below)

Mixing bowl
Frying pan with oil
paper towels for oil absorption

slice up your chicken to bit sizes

clean your scallions/green onions, always cut the ends and remove the outer layer

chop it up into small slices

add chicken and scallions/green onion in a bowl

mirin & soy sauce

pour a 1:1 part of mirin and soy sauce, enough to coat all the pieces in the bowl for marination
leave it there covered in saran wrap for about 15 minutes, to absorb the flavors

japanese cornstarch

add oil to your pot/pan enough to coat the pieces to fry

set up your corn starch in a plate, to coat the marinated chicken in

dip the chicken in, roll it around, evenly coated

yum yum

well then you fry it! fry it until its golden and crispy, and smelling delicious!


bon appetit!

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