Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Choco Minty, My Melody Cupcakes, & Cake pops

I had these amazing at an Inn I stayed in Carmel, their weekend helper baked some DELICIOUS chocolate cake with minty filling and a chocolate ganache top. It was to die for because the cake was sooo moist, and the amount of chocolate wasn't so overwhelming or sweet! I made mini ones for a party, but I ended up not going- so it went straight to my tummy :]

It tasted like ice cream if you leave it in the refrigerator to cool =)

I had a major cupcake order, and i was pretty nervous since i never designed anything in fondant minus cutouts out flowers ... not real artsy!

I tried to do swirls with the cupcakes, and it turned out okay, it wasn't as uniformed as it should be. I was RUSHED in getting them frosted, decorated, and delivered (needless to say, I was late and my client's appointment time was actually an 1 1/2 hour prior to guests coming .... UHHHHH :/ )

She looks like a bunny huh? 

Edible food markers are AMAZING. I was so nervous in doing the eyes, left it as the very last thing I did. It's odd when I draw, I always leave face/facial expression lasts, since I never get it right, but then again sanrio characters are not that hard to do =P

Ta-da! Completed, minus the "happy 1st birthday" because some darling little children decided to crack it in half ... 

I was obsessed with trying to complete my first cake pop, because I saw some competition and needed to know I was able to do just about ANYTHING - so my first uncreative and time pressed cake pops

Two things that need to be figured out: how to make the cake balls uniformly round and to stop the condensation. 

How much chilling do I need to do before its not too soft or too cold because once I dip it in the candy melts, it CONDENSATES as it hardens! Instead of making them beautiful, I spent most of the time wiping up the water droplets :[ 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

First lesson

Never ever leave fondant pieces unattended even when no one is home. Because kids will be over and things will break :( not only that, the kids get in big fat trouble from the parents for breaking it!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

To buy or not to buy?

I realized that the one thing I do constantly want to update is my SHOPPING for baking & cooking supplies! This I know I can do some heavy updates!

And thanks to my new iPhone 4 (thank you JON) and canon sd4000 is (thank you TONY) - i can definitely keep to this tasks along with my baking adventures!

The following items were all purchased today, 11.18.2010, and given me this great idea for hauls and eventually reviews, since I am such a William Sonoma (WS) hoarder!!! (& occasionally Sur La Table(SLT) too) I probably shop for supplies more frequently than I bake ( ha ha ha)

Sur La Table

Slider Basket - ON SALE $ 8.99, original $25.00
Too bad grilling season is over, but hey at least we have one now =)

Top Left (Clock wise): micros cookie cutter $10.00, ateco round cutter $25.00, wilton pearl duster $5.00, cuisipro cupcake corer $4.95

William Sonoma

Halloween cupcake decor ON SALE $4.99, originally $12.00

fiona's strawberry puffs $12.00 - SUPER FLUFFY AND NOT SWEET!!! 
Fiona's SweetShoppe is based in San Francisco! 

art of the cookie $19.95

cake pop $19.95

cake works @ campbell, ca

wilton's pearlized sprinkles $ 5.38

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I know i haven't updated yet I have managed to get so many orders for cupcakes in the month of November!

Like the titles, there will be three updates!

First off Blue Macarons, I forgot why I decided on blue macarons, but I did them! Note to self: over color it because when it bake it does fade =( I made hearts too as a new technique with my last bits of batter. The hearts is a great idea for valentines, maybe next is macarons pops!


I tried a new technique for flowers! I know i am not the original owner of this idea, but thank you Hannah for for the cutest idea EVER. I need to find other things to do, once I am used to fondant (still very new to this). I also really had fun making a cupcake stand, customize for the clients. I have this new machine called the CRICUT that allows me to cut shapes and letters =) scrapbook + baking =  A WHOLE NEW WORLD! 

Anyhow I know there is a dire need for recipes to my site (wish i am reallly promising a lot more - once I start learning to cook ...). But for now, Lamb Crusted made by Jon =) recipe to come soon!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

side note: orange leaf yogurt

OH and i forgot to mention

*drum roll*

my family opened an Orange Leaf Self Serve Yogurt!

1143 Story Rd
Ste 190
San Jose, CA 95122
(408) 289-8123


Mon-Thu, Sun 10:30 am - 11 pm
Fri-Sat 10:30 am - 12 am

Come Visit US!

There are 16 different flavors, over 32 toppings, and just 30 cents an OUNCE! (super cheap)

strawberry mascarpone whip cream macaron

one of my customers told me she had checked this blog, and had not seen anything new!

i was sad to say, i had nothing new to report :/ only because i get the usual requests for my red velvet cupcakes, and they look the same ... every single time.

BUT a girlfriend told me: "tonight i wish for linda to make ugly macaroons." Only because i told her no one had any orders for it and that unless she paid for the order, she would get free ugly ones HAHA ... luckily for her, i felt nice and wanted a challenge~

I love pink, and honestly, i don't know why i haven't done a strawberry cupcake yet. I guess macarons just make it that much cuter with pink and strawberries :]

I have to admit, i messed up my first batch for the mascarpone cream, so i had to go back to the store to get another. I over whipped and it curdled, it looked really gross! So i had to add heavy whipping cream, mascarpone cheese, and strawberry extract ... then at the end i had chopped up strawberries folded into the cream! YUMMY!

BONUS: boyfriend left his nikon d40 in my trunk, so i made good use to take some awesome pictures my cute macarons deserves :]

whipping my 3 day aged egg whites (yes, i had to age them!)

piping the rounds, and leaving it out for an hour to dry, so it forms a shell

its a miracle! they have little feet - success!

this makes me think of love. it is adorable!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Business Card

Please Order From me ... I will not post the back because well I am too lazy to censor out my phone number, but it is as cute as the front ;)

I would love to bake for you :D

Sunday, February 21, 2010

valentine's and other misc updates

My cousin took some "nice" pictures of my goodies on valentines (you know, the kind that uses like a realllllyyy fancy camera with some awesome lens to take small aperture pictures, and makes it all artistic?) ... But i feel like i should share some of my mediocre pictures anyways

i had an order of cupcakes for saturday, and i did a swirl for the frosting instead of my normal spatula frosting technique. i've been worried that i wouldn't have enough frosting to do it, but alas, it does sufficiently frost 24 red velvet cupcakes ... just not hopeful for the carrot cupcakes (where the batches vary depending on how much apples and carrots i decide to slice and shred). I used some sort of Ateco Tip (I have a mix of wilton's (due to michaels, sur la table) and ateco (crate and barrel, william's sonoma).

oh and it took me 10 hours of slaving baking/chocolatiering to prepare for valentines ... i love my boyfriend so.

my white chocolate shell for my chocolate ganache and milk chocolate bottom (i ran out of white chocolate to complete the shell.. hahahahahaha oops! actually i later found out that i had a stash of white chocolate set aside for this, instead i forgot and used milk chocolate -te he he he :[

my brownie pop: bittersweet chocolate and milk chocolate (i liked my first trial better, i used white chocolate and milk ...) GUITTARD'S CHOCOLATE FTW!

truffle making, it is MESSY (left: ganache ball, right: milk chocolate to coat)

dipped brownie pops in milk chocolate and YELLOW sugar sprinkles but it does not show up at all .. but gives this nice texture when you're eating the brownies, a crunch!

truffles in cocoa nibs(valrhona) and cocoa powder (whole foods)

u know macarons are a pain, and when you ACCOMPLISH such a masterpiece, who wants to think about the cream filling, i sure don't. instead i improvised: whipping cream, powdered sugar (to stabilize) and NUTELLA. who doesn't love nutella? TELL ME! but its tricky, must be eaten within a day or two of being put together, otherwise ... its a disaster, just kidding - eatable but not the best it can be.

aren't they so chubby and cute? ... fyi, as i started to whip the cream, i THEN realized that this will fall flat after a few hours! so i frantically searched online to find ways to stabilize it ... turns out you can do gelatin (which i had, but no time to do it, since i already started whipping), or the cornstarch from powdered sugar can help. so thats why my consistency is off, overbeaten, overloaded, and not prepared :/

voila - the basket. don't judge the cider, we love apple cider only because we don't have a developed wine/champagne/alcohol taste yet ... YET! (the boxes with pink bows: my individual macarons)

cousin and his wifey working their magic. she said the cloth shes holding is about a pound ... she had to hold it up for awhile, working out and working - what a great concept

intermission: my mom loves floral arrangement. we got a deal on these, $3 a branch, yes $3 a branch. HA!

done and complete (if you're vietnamese, you will notice the CHA on the right ... it was tet on sunday(feb 14)!

don't they look just lovely? *swoon* so soft and fluffy ... CHOMP!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

digital scale + brownie pops

i had two failed attempts, in one blasted day, for french macarons. Did it deter me from retrying? almost, yes. i realized the "i <3 macarons" was flawed in it's measurements and units of measurements. Considering i was making FRENCH macarons, i should have known better than to use american standard units for measurements. I had to use the digital scale. My new found love: Salter Designer Digital Scale. thank you william's sonoma. and thank you boyfriend, for buying it >:)

if we neglect that i was actually suppose to measure out 125 grams of almond flour, then we can sit and be amazed in it's beauty. (tricky thing with scale is, the weight fluctuates if you are in between! so stand still and wait for it to stay put with a number)

The last of my baking with obsolete measurements. A practice run for my brownie pops. Though i am not too found of the HEIGHT and shape of the brownies (i want to achieve a more round, bon bon like shape), it will do for now.

Did you know making these suckers are tad bit tricky? you have to bake it a certain time, then pop in the sticks, and bake it some more so the brownie will adhere to the stick. BUT if you put it in too early, your stick will fall over, and the brownie will be destroyed. You could do it the lazy way, and place some candy melts to the stick and then attaching to the brownies. Er, of course i wasn't aware of the stick dilemma, and did not prepare candy melt ahead of time. shame on me.

Anyhow, I used white and bittersweet chocolates in this recipe, and as my first go for brownies, it went quite well! (No, i did not intend to make milk chocolate by combining the two, they just happen to be the chocolates i wanted to use... )

Note to self: DO NOT ADD ANY SUGAR NEXT TIME. i used such rich and delicious chocolate, sugar was definitely not necessary at all.

Question: How do you make the brownies NOT as sweet, given that the main component is chocolate, and only chocolate basically? Hrm.

oh, do you like my new tag? it was just delivered right before valentine's :) my other one says "from the kitchen of"

Monday, February 1, 2010

gum paste flower and carrot cupcakes

I had to part with a dear co-worker (hopefully, I'll still see her around) loved my carrot cupcakes! So the super-nice-awesome person I am made cupcakes for her going away. 6 normal sizes for her and her hubby and 12 minis ones for her two kiddos. I was tired of my pearls and white sprinkles as decorations, so I finally experimented with gum paste - now my creativity will be endless! More gum paste art work to come! HOORAY! Now if only I could ice my cupcake in a perfect dome every time, I would be the master ... jk :]

3 grated carrots is a lot of hard work ... lots of elbow work!

to get perfect size cupcakes all the time, use ice cream scoops in different sizes!

gum paste dries out quickly, so only take a bit at a time, and put the rest under saran wrap. place your finish work into an air tight container, and when you need to dry it, place it out on parchment paper for a day

you can place beads into the center of your flower with assistance from royal icing to glue them on

voila - the big cupcakes

mini cupcakes in their mini tray :]