Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Choco Minty, My Melody Cupcakes, & Cake pops

I had these amazing at an Inn I stayed in Carmel, their weekend helper baked some DELICIOUS chocolate cake with minty filling and a chocolate ganache top. It was to die for because the cake was sooo moist, and the amount of chocolate wasn't so overwhelming or sweet! I made mini ones for a party, but I ended up not going- so it went straight to my tummy :]

It tasted like ice cream if you leave it in the refrigerator to cool =)

I had a major cupcake order, and i was pretty nervous since i never designed anything in fondant minus cutouts out flowers ... not real artsy!

I tried to do swirls with the cupcakes, and it turned out okay, it wasn't as uniformed as it should be. I was RUSHED in getting them frosted, decorated, and delivered (needless to say, I was late and my client's appointment time was actually an 1 1/2 hour prior to guests coming .... UHHHHH :/ )

She looks like a bunny huh? 

Edible food markers are AMAZING. I was so nervous in doing the eyes, left it as the very last thing I did. It's odd when I draw, I always leave face/facial expression lasts, since I never get it right, but then again sanrio characters are not that hard to do =P

Ta-da! Completed, minus the "happy 1st birthday" because some darling little children decided to crack it in half ... 

I was obsessed with trying to complete my first cake pop, because I saw some competition and needed to know I was able to do just about ANYTHING - so my first uncreative and time pressed cake pops

Two things that need to be figured out: how to make the cake balls uniformly round and to stop the condensation. 

How much chilling do I need to do before its not too soft or too cold because once I dip it in the candy melts, it CONDENSATES as it hardens! Instead of making them beautiful, I spent most of the time wiping up the water droplets :[ 


  1. For the cake pops, it may help to freeze them initially and then keep them in the refrigerator OR use a different type of chocolate. Baking chocolate from a grocery store works well. Sometimes those candy melts have a lot of oil!

    These all look so awesome linda!