Tuesday, February 9, 2010

digital scale + brownie pops

i had two failed attempts, in one blasted day, for french macarons. Did it deter me from retrying? almost, yes. i realized the "i <3 macarons" was flawed in it's measurements and units of measurements. Considering i was making FRENCH macarons, i should have known better than to use american standard units for measurements. I had to use the digital scale. My new found love: Salter Designer Digital Scale. thank you william's sonoma. and thank you boyfriend, for buying it >:)

if we neglect that i was actually suppose to measure out 125 grams of almond flour, then we can sit and be amazed in it's beauty. (tricky thing with scale is, the weight fluctuates if you are in between! so stand still and wait for it to stay put with a number)

The last of my baking with obsolete measurements. A practice run for my brownie pops. Though i am not too found of the HEIGHT and shape of the brownies (i want to achieve a more round, bon bon like shape), it will do for now.

Did you know making these suckers are tad bit tricky? you have to bake it a certain time, then pop in the sticks, and bake it some more so the brownie will adhere to the stick. BUT if you put it in too early, your stick will fall over, and the brownie will be destroyed. You could do it the lazy way, and place some candy melts to the stick and then attaching to the brownies. Er, of course i wasn't aware of the stick dilemma, and did not prepare candy melt ahead of time. shame on me.

Anyhow, I used white and bittersweet chocolates in this recipe, and as my first go for brownies, it went quite well! (No, i did not intend to make milk chocolate by combining the two, they just happen to be the chocolates i wanted to use... )

Note to self: DO NOT ADD ANY SUGAR NEXT TIME. i used such rich and delicious chocolate, sugar was definitely not necessary at all.

Question: How do you make the brownies NOT as sweet, given that the main component is chocolate, and only chocolate basically? Hrm.

oh, do you like my new tag? it was just delivered right before valentine's :) my other one says "from the kitchen of"

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