Monday, February 1, 2010

gum paste flower and carrot cupcakes

I had to part with a dear co-worker (hopefully, I'll still see her around) loved my carrot cupcakes! So the super-nice-awesome person I am made cupcakes for her going away. 6 normal sizes for her and her hubby and 12 minis ones for her two kiddos. I was tired of my pearls and white sprinkles as decorations, so I finally experimented with gum paste - now my creativity will be endless! More gum paste art work to come! HOORAY! Now if only I could ice my cupcake in a perfect dome every time, I would be the master ... jk :]

3 grated carrots is a lot of hard work ... lots of elbow work!

to get perfect size cupcakes all the time, use ice cream scoops in different sizes!

gum paste dries out quickly, so only take a bit at a time, and put the rest under saran wrap. place your finish work into an air tight container, and when you need to dry it, place it out on parchment paper for a day

you can place beads into the center of your flower with assistance from royal icing to glue them on

voila - the big cupcakes

mini cupcakes in their mini tray :]

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