Saturday, July 17, 2010

strawberry mascarpone whip cream macaron

one of my customers told me she had checked this blog, and had not seen anything new!

i was sad to say, i had nothing new to report :/ only because i get the usual requests for my red velvet cupcakes, and they look the same ... every single time.

BUT a girlfriend told me: "tonight i wish for linda to make ugly macaroons." Only because i told her no one had any orders for it and that unless she paid for the order, she would get free ugly ones HAHA ... luckily for her, i felt nice and wanted a challenge~

I love pink, and honestly, i don't know why i haven't done a strawberry cupcake yet. I guess macarons just make it that much cuter with pink and strawberries :]

I have to admit, i messed up my first batch for the mascarpone cream, so i had to go back to the store to get another. I over whipped and it curdled, it looked really gross! So i had to add heavy whipping cream, mascarpone cheese, and strawberry extract ... then at the end i had chopped up strawberries folded into the cream! YUMMY!

BONUS: boyfriend left his nikon d40 in my trunk, so i made good use to take some awesome pictures my cute macarons deserves :]

whipping my 3 day aged egg whites (yes, i had to age them!)

piping the rounds, and leaving it out for an hour to dry, so it forms a shell

its a miracle! they have little feet - success!

this makes me think of love. it is adorable!


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