Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I know i haven't updated yet I have managed to get so many orders for cupcakes in the month of November!

Like the titles, there will be three updates!

First off Blue Macarons, I forgot why I decided on blue macarons, but I did them! Note to self: over color it because when it bake it does fade =( I made hearts too as a new technique with my last bits of batter. The hearts is a great idea for valentines, maybe next is macarons pops!


I tried a new technique for flowers! I know i am not the original owner of this idea, but thank you Hannah for for the cutest idea EVER. I need to find other things to do, once I am used to fondant (still very new to this). I also really had fun making a cupcake stand, customize for the clients. I have this new machine called the CRICUT that allows me to cut shapes and letters =) scrapbook + baking =  A WHOLE NEW WORLD! 

Anyhow I know there is a dire need for recipes to my site (wish i am reallly promising a lot more - once I start learning to cook ...). But for now, Lamb Crusted made by Jon =) recipe to come soon!

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