Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Test Kitchen: Low Cal Oatmeal, Lemon Chiffon, Strawberry Whipped

I had challenge for an upcoming Tulip Party (When you have lunch in the garden as the tulips have blossomed, cute huh?) The hostess wanted a low cal oatmeal cookie. First off, what makes a low calorie cookie? Apparently the flour and the BUTTER accounts for most of the calories. I found a great substitute for buter: apple sauce and tbsps of oil instead. Interesting, right? However, the oatmeal I was using is called Irish Steel Cut Oats = meaning they had to be cooked prior to using it ... I did not find this out until AFTER i made the cookies, and they were on the tad stiffer side. As for taste, they were fantastic!!!

Then my second challenge was requested by Arlene, for a lemon cupcake. I had a great recipe that I have known all my life, my grandma's lemon chiffon recipes. Once I made it, I couldn't stop myself from devouring 5 in one sitting, reminiscing how grandma use to make this for me :] Though it turns out I had under baked the cupcakes, therefore they sunk. IT WAS SO DEPRESSING!  they were the most spongiest, softest, best tasting cupcakes of ALL TIME!!!! I will work on the baking time little more ...

My recipe for a strawberry whipped cream is also fantastic! I cant wait until strawberries are in season, and i can puree fresh strawberries!!!

I have been trying to stay far away from butter cream as much as possible due to the fact that I hate the taste of buttercream used at places like Kara's or Sprinkles. I will continue to look for lighter, less sweetening alternatives for topping. I am still searching for the best asian wedding cake whipped cream recipe ... They always have the most fantastic creams!

Note: Did you notice I have a domain name? Lavishberry.com!! I already created my webpages, and I am in search of a webhosting server to take care of my needs. Any recommendations? Should I stick with blogger or wordpress?

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